My First Webinar on Horticulture Lighting – Special Preview


My First Webinar on Horticulture Lighting – Special Preview

This Thursday I’m giving my first webinar to a group of outstanding, motivated, compassionate individuals from around the world. The audience will be teams of college students preparing plans for vertical farming systems in their regions – to provide safe, reliable food while meeting the challenges of energy and environmental sustainability. They are taking part in the first ever Vertical Farming Challenge…I’m so excited to be hosting my first webinar with this amazing group of individuals.

The response to the first ever global Vertical Farming Award was fantastic with 300 original entries and 97 finalists from 24 countries.

As part of the competition, there are three guidance webinars where teams can ask questions and view in real-time, or watch later on YouTube. In each webinar there has been at least one Illumitex representative. The first webinar had Kelly Wilson giving resource websites and Paul Hardej advising on site selection and permitting (Webinar 1). The second webinar had Dennis Riling who discussed crop selection (Webinar 2). Finally, it’s my turn. In just two short days I’ll be giving my webinar on horticulture lighting. The webinar will be live so the following outline might change a bit but here’s what I have planned:

  1. Types of Artificial Lighting: What is fluorescent, high intensity discharge, and LED anyway?
  2. Light for Plants: What do plants want, what wavelength, and what colors?
  3. Calculations: Once I pick a light, how do I figure out how much it will cost to purchase and use every day?

Well, there you have it…a sneak peek at my first ever webinar! If you can make it – great! If not, please check back later and watch the recorded event.

In the mean time, if you’re one of the teams competing in the program – congratulations. You are part of a movement and a solution for our future. Everyone working on this program supports you in your efforts.

Check out the following screenshot from the AVF facebook page of pictures from site selections!

These are big and complex challenges but together we can do this. See you in two days teams!!

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