Modeling the Complexities of Horticulture Lighting | White Paper

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Modeling the Complexities of Horticulture Lighting | White Paper


A crucial aspect in designing Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) systems is in understanding the lighting component.  Accurately modeling the lighting requirements allows growers the ability to calculate cost of ownership, return on investment, and better understand how light and light equipment tie into profit and loss of the final product – salable biomass.

In a previous blog post, Illumitex mentioned the complexities of modeling CEA systems.  In this report, the model is broken down into two component parts which are the major energy conversions in horticulture lighting.  These conversions are electricity to photon (light fixture) and photon to biomass (salable crop production).   In future papers, these individual systems will be examined in closer detail, allowing the grower the capability to compare lighting options from either a birds-eye-view, or down to the details of complex system interactions.

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