LED Grow Light Data Collection and Analysis – The Illumitex TEAM!


LED Grow Light Data Collection and Analysis – The Illumitex TEAM!

Last week our fluorescent vs. LED lettuce trial (part II) ended.  This time, instead of doing all the work myself, I got several people in the team to join in.  I’ve never had so much fun documenting and collecting lettuce samples.  But the best part was that even though the light treatment intensities were the same, Illumitex LED lighting beat fluorescent lighting in improved taste, yield, and marketability…once again!

Several months ago I posted two white papers from our in-house lettuce experiments: LED vs. Fluorescent (A) and LED vs. Fluorescent (B).  These had high viewership and I received some great feedback from all over the world.  One reader asked me what the results would be if I used identical light intensity (PPFD) instead of matching wattage.  So, I set up the system with the same lettuce varieties, nutrient solutions, and this time I added additional fluorescent bulbs to achieve 300 µmol/m2-s.  I matched the other two shelves using our X5 and F3 spectrums to the same PPFD.  Here is how the Illumitex team came together on this day.

  • On the day of harvest, Brian Lippencott did the announcement.  Not only was he instrumental in taking care of the system when I was on the road, he also did a fantastic job explaining the experimental design and set-up (Experiment video, part I).
  • Jairus Popp then set up the camera and filmed me doing the weights and root measurements in lapse time (Experiment video, part II).
  • After the harvest twenty employees (from VPs, to manufacturing floor workers, to Charlie in engineering, Joe and Mark in sales, and Patrick in quality assurance) came to the conference room for blind taste-testing (Experiment video, part III).

Meanwhile, Kelly Wilson kept up the social media, sending out twitter and instagram tweets in real-time to our growing list of social media followers, making cool posts like these: FacebookSnapchatInstagram, and later, Instagram #2 .

The data from the lettuce trial (part II) showed the benefits of Illumitex LED lighting for indoor growing.  The teamwork I experienced from the lettuce trial (part II) showed me just what a great company I work for.  Not only am I proud of our technology and innovation, I have a fantastic, engaging team to work with every day!

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