Illumitex Interviewed for NHK Television Broadcast!


Illumitex Interviewed for NHK Television Broadcast!

For most of us, it’s not every day we get to be on television. When I received a phone call from one of my favorite television stations asking to include Illumitex in their program, I could not have been more excited.

Japan has been my second home – a country where I’ve spent years at various points in my life for college, work, and post-doc research. One television station I absolutely love is NHK. It’s Japan’s national public broadcasting station and I’ve always found their documentaries particularly great for improving my language skills and learning something new at the same time.

The NHK television crew consisted of Hiroto Fuseya (Correspondent), Kiyoshi Tanno (Cameraman), and Takeshi Yamasaki (Producer).  Just after their arrival I gave them a tour of our offices and factory floor. During this time they planned interviews for some of our employees. The focus for their documentary was tech start-up companies which feature new technology and products, including how they will fit into upcoming changes to the US economy.

The production process started by interviewing our CFO, Carl Gallagher. Carl explained the history and evolution of Illumitex – from what started as as a few semiconductor experts, to a 70+ employee LED light manufacturing business.

After this, the crew went out to the manufacturing floor where Kurt Vickers (Plant Supervisor) answered questions about the Eclipse Gen2, Neosol and PowerHarvest W product lines and manufacturing process. They shot b-roll from a variety of angles and locations, including some that showed employees close-up as they carefully constructed Illumitex high-quality LED lights.

The cameraman, Kiyoshi, really liked our engineering area where they were able to take footage of Steve Gottner taking precise light measurements with our goniometer sphere.  Their final shot showed Joe Jeffries and I talking with manufacturing experts on the floor.

What a treat to have NHK come to our factory floor and interview us! In return we wanted to give them a small souvenir and based on their reaction, I think they loved the hats, while all of us here at Illumitex loved having them.

Thank you Takeshi, Hiroto, and Kiyoshi – you are always welcome to come back. Meanwhile, Illumitex can’t wait to watch your upcoming program on tech startups in the changing US economy.

From all of us,

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