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Last week we exposed the truth behind the cost of LEDs and the benefits they can offer your plants. If you haven’t checked that out yet, go ahead and do so before reading on.

This week, we’re here to uncover the truth around a few other common misconceptions that follow LEDs. Read on to debunk myth 3 & 4 out of our Six Common LED myths.

Myth #3 – LEDs are Great in Veg But They Can’t Flower.

The Truth – LED’s work great in both vegetative growth as well as flowering cannabis and other flowering plants. LED’s continue to evolve as more scientific information regarding the effects that different light wavelengths can have on plants.  In fact specifically for cannabis, many operations have attributed higher quality in THC production, Terpenes, and Trichome development when they made the switch from traditional lighting to LED.

Myth #4 – LEDs Are Always Pink

The Truth – Many growers have found themselves using a mixture of both blue and red light-emissions, creating a pinkish glow around the plant canopy and within the operation. This is because of the heavy scientific research focused on the plant benefits of using this specific light mixture. However, LEDs can be manipulated and evolve with science over time. In fact, in recent studies, scientists have found that using a light that offers a full spectrum with a healthy amount of green and heightened blue and red allows for accelerated vegetation periods with higher yields of buds and flowers. Illumitex, for example, offers two full spectra and two spectra that contain different levels of just blue and red. Each of these will give a different appearance to the human eye but serve a specific need to the plants.

So now you know that your LEDs can look different than you remember and flower your plants, are you still not sold on the benefits? If so, watch out for next week’s blog as we debunk the last two myths.

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