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As LEDs continue to gain popularity, a surprising number of people still believe outdated misconceptions surrounding the technology. Most growers find themselves asking, “is it really worth it?” when considering the switch to LEDs as their sole-source or supplemental lighting solution. Well, we’re here to debunk the six common myths we hear from growers so that your operation won’t be the next to miss out on the fast growing change in the industry. Keep reading to debunk the two most common myths that surround LED grow lights.

Myth #1 – LEDs Are Way Too Expensive

The Truth – While it can be true that the purchase price of a standard LED fixture will be slightly higher than the standard HPS (high-pressure sodium) or Fluorescent fixture, the price of LEDs continues to come down year after year.  Lighting considerations are often the most crucial decision your operation will make. Many factors make LEDs the more affordable and practical choice of lighting. Beyond their 7 to 10-year lifespan and significant energy efficiency (we’re talking about thousands of dollars in savings), most states offer a government-funded rebate program for including LEDs, cutting the price of the system down to as low as $150 per light.

Myth #2 – LEDs Will Negatively Impact Plants

The Truth – Because many growers are hesitant to move away from HID lighting (including HPS and Metal Halide) due to their belief that the traditional solutions are superior, scientists have dedicated many years to consider the complaints around LEDs to understand their validity. As the results came in, it turns out LEDs are proven to improve plant results. LEDs have numerous spectra options designed to allow plants to achieve PAR (photosynthetically active radiation) regardless of high or low DLI (daily light integral). These spectra, combined with the manipulated fixtures, efficiencies, and outputs means a higher number of yield and an improvement in taste, smell, and appearance. Take into consideration the dimming and control solutions and there are few arguments left against the benefits of using the lights.

Watch out for next week’s blog as we debunk Myth 3 & 4. And as always, click here to get in touch with one of our renowned lighting specialists to get started on your personal quote today!