The new standard in linear
led top light, Now  Certified!

The HarvestEdge® is the latest in  industry leading horticulture fixtures. This redefines the use of LED grow lighting for greenhouse operations.

The HarvestEdge® is a linear fixture that can be used as a top-light solution or indoor solution for a variety of growers. This fixture is class-leading in output, efficiency, and price. Now rivaling all lighting solutions on the market, including HID, the HarvestEdge™ sets a new standard for LED grow lighting.

More features of this light include:

  • Class-leading efficiency as high as 2.61 umols/J
  • High power PPF - 775 for single bar with integrated driver
  • Compact design that is offered with an integrated driver
  • Minimal shading with a design intended for easy mounting to any standard strut

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All parts of the fixture are clear anodized and all hardware is stainless steel to avoid any corrosion. HarvestEdge® is designed for easy mounting using wire-form brackets to struts or suspended mount using carabiners. No additional assembly is required as the fixture is ready for installation and intended use.

Single Bar:

  • Ranges from 2.31 - 2.61 umol/J depending on specifications
  • Up to 775 PPF
  • 45.5” x 3.5” x 5.5”
  • 15 lbs
  • X6 Full Spectrum
  • cETL Wet-Rated
  • Hose down cleaning