Illumitex Expands North Creating Canadian Subsidiary

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Illumitex Expands North Creating Canadian Subsidiary

Illumitex increases its presence in Canada by creating a subsidiary and commitment to bring more employees, research, and investment.

Illumitex recognizes the importance of Canada to the science and business of Controlled Environment Agriculture. As such, the company has created a subsidiary to increase access to Canadian innovation of new large-scale greenhouse technologies and crops.

To further personalize the support the Canadian customers will receive, Illumitex has launched a new website at www.illumitex.ca. This website is dedicated to the specific resources Canadian growers will need to reduce the steps it takes to securing the right lighting partner.

“We already employee Canadians and this was the natural next step to increase access to fantastic Canadian resources and technologies,” says Jeff Bisberg, CEO. “The country will be crucial to expanding sustainable Horticulture initiatives and LED adoption. We’re eager to be as involved from coast to coast in helping to create a vibrant Canadian economy.”

“The massive growth across Canada is impossible to ignore,” says John Spencer, SVP of Sales and Marketing. “We’re committed to the market and understanding their unique challenges and needs. We are now partially Canadian and are working our hardest to understand the honor and responsibilities that come with that.”

To learn more about Illumitex’s involvement in Canada, visit www.illumitex.ca. Contact the company with any further questions.

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