Illumitex LED’s Brighten Vertical Farms Internationally


Illumitex LED’s Brighten Vertical Farms Internationally

Illumitex is expanding its LED lighting services to six international countries in the vertical farming industry. Illumitex is currently working with several international vertical farms including Remy located in Israel, Asahi Techno in Japan, Agricool in France and aquaponic startups in Norway and Italy.

As vertical farming rises in popularity and people gain more knowledge about the industry, the Illumitex horticulture team is ready to take their expertise across the globe. Each Illumitex LED spectrum is universal and fit into different applications, making it easy to market and meet the needs of international customers. After completing back to back testing with competitors’ lights at FarmedHere, Illumitex LED’s reigned supreme.

“New vertical farming growers are choosing Illumitex but we are also converting existing vertical farms to Illumitex LED lights who were using other competitors’ lights,” said Paul Hardej, Horticulture Sales Manager for Vertical Farm/Turn-Key Solutions.

Illumitex provides support on engineering, the growing process and installations without disrupting the customer’s grow. The company also strives to educate new growers by attending international conferences, public speaking events and sponsoring the first student vertical farming award.

Hardej is the co-founder of FarmedHere, the first commercial scale urban aquaponic vertical farm located outside of Chicago, IL. Almost two decades of experience with architecture and construction allows him to offer advice to clients about lighting in vertical farms including design layouts, building code regulations, etc.

“My experience at FarmedHere and throughout my career makes it easier for me to communicate and better understand the needs of the vertical farm growers. I also know that lighting is the most important and expensive part of a vertical farm but here at Illumitex, we go well beyond just the lights,” states Hardej.

Hardej often looks to his comrades for horticultural expertise and experimental results. Rebecca Knight PhD, Director of Research and Development, works with Hardej on many customer projects including Asahi Techno.

“I was able to introduce my professional connections in Japan to Paul. With my experience working in Japan and Paul’s background in vertical farms, we were able to collaborate and start an industry there,” said Knight.