The Illumitex HarvestEdge Continues to Build Excitement in the Horticulture Industry

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The Illumitex HarvestEdge Continues to Build Excitement in the Horticulture Industry

After receiving a unanimously positive response at the fixture’s first appearance, the HarvestEdge is available for pre-sale.

Illumitex, the Digital Horticulture company, recently released a brand-new product line called the HarvestEdge. This fixture made its public debut at the Cultivate Conference in Columbus, Ohio, hosted by AmericanHort and received an overwhelming positive response from attendees. The HarvestEdge is a toplighting system designed for greenhouse supplemental and indoor primary grow lighting applications.

When configured for supplemental greenhouse lighting with the high-performance F3 spectrum the system delivers nearly 30% more efficiency than competitive products. Additionally, third-party testing sites have confirmed the HarvestEdge delivers the best efficiency in the market at 2.8 umol/J.

“We’re incredibly proud of the response this fixture has seen. Illumitex remains a pioneer as the food and farming industry continues to move toward greenhouses,” says Jeff Bisberg, CEO. “This solution is designed specifically to support that movement and the lighting needs that greenhouse growers have.”

The HarvestEdge offers a unique thermal-fin design that maximizes performance and enables a low-cost solution. The fixture itself is linear, lightweight, thin, easy to install, and rugged, ideal for mounting to greenhouse structures.

“This fixture should be the new standard for LED lighting,” says John Spencer, SVP of Sales and Marketing. “After years of listening to chief complaints from the market, this product was developed to meet those specific market needs and exceed the requirements we gathered from that market research.”

The HarvestEdge is now available for pre-sale. To view full specifications and request a quote or lighting layout, visit www.illumitex.com/harvestedge.

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