Half a Year after Launch and the Illumitex NeoPAR is Stronger Than Ever

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Half a Year after Launch and the Illumitex NeoPAR is Stronger Than Ever

The past six months have taught Illumitex a lot about the NeoPAR, a fixture that creates positive results and continues to improve.

The Illumitex NeoPAR series, offered in seven, five, and two bar solutions, has been circulating the market for the last six months. Over the last six months, the light has received positive results in increasing both plant quality and quantity and has introduced a series of changes to further improve the lights performance.

The fixture is now offered in multiple spectra, including the legacy F3 spectrum, and the more recently introduced X6 spectrum. Additionally, the light is now available in two power levels to meet a variety of needs in grow operations. The different levels are matched to priorities a grower may have, whether that be high output for crops requiring a ton of light or maximum efficiency for energy restriction or rebates.

“It’s as crucial to a grower as it is to a lighting provider to be able to offer the right solution for the right growing environment,” says Jeff Bisberg, CEO. “This relationship is critical for success with growing under LED lighting systems as each fixture can and is manipulated to meet specific needs.”

Since launching the product in January, Illumitex has seen multiple reports of growers improving their crop cycles and taste, smell, and appearance in certain crops. The fixture has recorded a reputation of success in racks and other indoor applications.

“Our customers have repeatedly reported almost 20% more yield and large increase in quality when growing with the NeoPAR compared to leading competitors,” says John Spencer, SVP of Sales and Marketing. “This is not an achievement we take lightly, and we will continue to improve the fixture to meet the ever-changing industry standards.”

For full specifications or to request a quote or lighting layout with the NeoPAR, visit www.illumitex.com/products/neopar.

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