The Benefits of LED for Greenhouse

Achieve the artificial sun lighting needs your plant has by including LEDs

  • LEDs consume up to 80% less energy than traditional lighting sources

  • LEDs run cool, creating less water consumption and chance of dehydration

  • LEDs are free of harmful elements such as mercury and lead

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Remote Power Pack (not showing), 120-480V

X6 Full Spectrum, up to 1700 PPF

Deliver maximum power and efficiency

  • PPF 1700, comparable to double-ended 1000-watt HPS
  • High Efficacy 2.43 µmol/J, compared to HPS 1.8 µmol/J
  • Long life, average 10-12 years, compared to group relamping every 9-12 months, common to HPS
  • Lower initial cost than comparable LED systems
  • RoHs Compliant, removes concerns with hazardous waste that comes with HPS
  • Slim linear form factor design to reduce shadowing in greenhouse applications

The HarvestEdge® is the latest in  industry leading horticulture fixtures. This redefines the use of LED grow lighting for greenhouse operations.

  • Class-leading efficiency as high as 2.61 umols/J
  • High power PPF – 775 for single bar with integrated driver
  • Compact design that is offered with an integrated driver
  • Minimal shading with a design intended for easy mounting to any standard strut .


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Integrated Driver, 120-480V

X6 Full Spectrum, up to 775 PPF

Deliver maximum power and efficiency