Update From Tweed’s Aeroponic Research

Earlier this year we introduced you to an exciting R&D aeroponics project that we’re currently working on. Here’s an update on the pilot.

We are using a prototype modular high-pressure aeroponics system designed by Texas-based Indoor Harvest, Corp. This system allows us to have complete control over the root zone environment, including nutrient additions and watering frequency. The closed, automated system allows for a very clean growing environment with little to no contamination from organic substrates and rigorous control of the growing environment.

In addition to the aeroponics system from Indoor Harvest, we are also comparing two types of lighting – high pressure sodium and LEDs from Illumitex. To compare the aeroponics system to Tweed’s current production methods, we are also growing Princeton in a traditional soilless medium under the Illumitex LED lights.