Illumitex horticulture LED lighting is available in various spectrum.  Availability varies by product.  Learn more about which Illumitex LED lighting system is right for you here.

F1 – High Efficiency
Suitable throughout the plant growth cycle and offers the highest photon yield efficacy.
(Available for Eclipse N & Eclipse W )




F3 – Full Cycle
Produces fast germination and high quality vegetative and flowering plants.
(Available for Eclipse N , Eclipse W , PowerHarvest, and NeoSol)





F6 – Best for Vegetative Growth
Provides the fastest vegetative growth results and reduces overall plant height.
Also, improves plant appearance and space utilization.
(Available for Eclipse N & Eclipse W only)




F7 – Best for Seedling Growth
Produces stocky plants with the shortest internodal distances.
(Available for Eclipse N only)




F8 – Best for Color Mixing
Provides the best uniformed color blending
(Available for Eclipse W2 only)





X5 – Best for Visualization
Provides the best spectrum option for plant quality assessment.
(Available for Eclipse N only)





X6 – First Full Spectrum Light
This full spectrum maximizes red and blue nm wavelengths to allow for optimal chlorophyll A and B absorption with a balance of green wavelengths to allow deeper canopy penetration.