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Smart Lighting Solutions: Important Considerations Grab a copy of the February edition of Cannabis Business Times today! And don't miss the great article on Smart Lighting Solutions, featuring Illumitex's senior plant scientist, Joseph Lamendola. #illumitex #cannabisbusinesstimes #ledgrowlights
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Illumitex in Austin, Texas.
Association for Vertical Farming Check out our #AVFMember Illumitex's latest and greatest #LEDGrowLights including products like their #corona and #stratus fixtures.

Illumitex uses state-of-the-art materials including their own patented LEDs to create durable and efficient luminaires for the #VerticalFarming industry!
Illumitex shared Association for ...
Greenhouse Canada Grower Survey 2017: we need your input
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We don't just provide the latest and greatest in #ledgrowlights but we also in #industriallighting - head over to to check out our #corona and #stratus fixtures!
Timeline Photos We don't just provide that latest and greatest in LED grow lights, but also in Industrial lighting! Head over to to check out our Corona and Stratus fixtures.
Big things are happening in 2017! Be sure to follow us on facebook, twitter and IG as we prepare to launch some exciting news within the weeks to come! #newyear #newillumitex
We love seeing happy customers, and even happier plants! Shout out to @rpsgrow for featuring us on there awesome website. Be sure to follow these guys on IG and twitter(@rpsgrow) for some amazing pictures of their quality cannabis. #illumitex #illumitexgrown ...
ECLIPSE W - LED HORTICULTURE FIXTURE Introducing the Eclipse W horticulture fixture from Illumitex.
LED lighting increases milk production at Michigan dairy Michigan State University documents how long-day lighting in a dairy with closely-controlled intensity from LED sources boosted milk production by 8%
LED technology isn’t just improving horticulture!
ECLIPSE W - PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT Introducing the New Eclipse W from Illumitex. Stay tuned for more updates and info or visit
TipTuesday: Getting the Most out of Your LED Lighting On this episode, Bryan shares how you can get the most out of your LED lighting fixtures.
LEDs and Algae – The Possibilities Are Endless | illumitex There are many reasons and applications for growing algae. In this post, I talk about algae and how LEDs are ideal for both indoor and outdoor algae growth.
Do you know most efficient way to grow algae? Find out how ...
LEDs Proven to Trigger the Production of Secondary Compounds Several factors are reinforcing the need to add LED lighting to growing facilities including: climate changes, rising population, property prices, and increasing demand for natural compounds. In this scientific study, researchers point out specific examples proving that LEDs can improve ...
LEDs can provide the light plants need in a way that is more targeted and... Can LEDs Provide the Light Plants Need? | illumitexLEDs can provide the light plants need in a way that is more targeted and efficient than other lighting sources. (CEAC) The University of Arizona...+1s 0 0 0
Ever wondered what a Ever wondered what an LED is? Director of R & D Dr. Rebecca Knight discusses her first discovery with LEDs and how she used them in scientific research. 0 Repin 0 Likes

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