The Quest For Greener Weed: Illumitex in Fast Company Article

Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from an article in Fast Company in which Illumitex is featured.  

Growing weed isn’t usually very green. In rural California, where marijuana is the top cash crop, it uses massive amounts of water during the drought. In fragile Northern California ecosystems that are just starting to recover from the logging industry, guerrilla weed growers are chopping down trees, eroding hillsides, poisoning wildlife, and illegally sucking up water from rivers and streams.

Indoor pot farms aren’t necessarily better; the typical indoor operation uses more energy per square foot than a data center. A 2012 study of marijuana’s carbon footprint estimated that it accounted for 3% of all the energy used in California—as much as the energy used by 1 million homes, or the carbon emissions from 1 million average cars.

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