On-Site Controller for Power Harvest – No Internet Required

The Power Hub site controller serves as the heart of your lighting solution, allowing local control without the internet. Power Hub is a wireless, on-site control solution for monitoring and controlling outdoor and indoor lights via a mesh network. Provides the flexibility to manage your lighting, your way, with system setup and configuration through a mobile-friendly Wi-Fi interface. The system stores power data, zones, alarms, behaviors, and critical events locally for maintenance and troubleshooting; and provides municipal compliance via daily schedules, sensor controlled behaviors, and multiple dimming levels. With programmable schedules and easy setup, Power Hub is the perfect solution for remote sites or where internet is not desired. 

• No Internet Required

• No recurring software fee—buy once, use forever

• Multiple Zones, Behaviors, Events, and Schedules

• Creates a Wi-Fi connection to smart phone, tablet, or PC

• Optional Remote Access (SSRA) service available

• Firmware Upgrades via USB Flash Drive

• Sunrise and Sunset Schedules driven by latitude and longitude

• Optional Cellular Connectivity (SS450)