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Illumitex Commercial and Industrial LED Lighting Overview


Illumitex Commercial and Industrial LED Lighting Overview

Illumitex is well-known in the horticulture LED lighting industry and we are also successful in the commercial and industrial LED lighting market.

Illumitex uses state-of-the-art materials including our own patented LEDs to create durable and efficient LED luminaires for several markets including: food processing, commercial, warehouse, architectural and landscape, auditoriums, event centers, etc.

Our LED product line for general industrial and food processing is ETL Sanitation certified with an IP66 rating, ensuring protection from harsh and wet environment. LED luminaires include: Cirrus High Bay, Stratus High Bay, SP Series High Bay, Vega High Bay, and Corona CS.

The Cirrus High Bay LED fixture is sleek and modern in design, equipped with an extruded-aluminum housing. The exterior includes your choice of the thermoset polyester powder-coat finish or stainless steel-clad finish.

The durability of the light is great for school gymnasiums and public transportation facilities. The Cirrus High Bay is ESL sanitation certified, making it the perfect fixture for food processing plants. Simple mounting items include aircraft cable “Y” hangers and chain hangers for quick retrofit and new installations.

illumitex Cirrus High Bay LED Luminaire

The Stratus High Bay LED fixture is specifically designed for food processing environments including: poultry and meat processing, food processing, cold storage, food service and other areas requiring certification to NSF standards.

Equipped with Illumitex’s industry-leading and proprietary Aduro™ LEDs, the Stratus High Bay offers excellent uniformity, exceptional delivered lumens and CBCP values in a sleek, aesthetically pleasing style. The Aduro™ LEDs incorporate Illumitex’s patented DD65 digital distribution technology, delivering 65% of all lumens within a 50° beam angle in 3000K, 4000K or 5700K CCT color temperature options.

illumitex Stratus High Bay LED Luminaire

The SP Series High Bay is IP66 rated, perfect for wet and damp environments in food processing and manufacturing industries. The fixture is designed with a stainless steel-clad finish and offers mounting options for T-bars or ceilings.

illumitex SP Series High Bay LED Luminaire

The Corona CS LED fixture is designed for industrial environments including food processing plants that involve grease, oil, smoke, dust, or steam. This fixture was created to withstand wet environment, creating a safe and sanitary environment.

illumitex Corona CS Industrial LED Luminaire

The Vega High Bay LED light is a heavy-duty architectural fixture perfect for spaces that require a high level of durability including: school gymnasiums, auditoriums, airports and transportation facilities, cafeterias, athletic facilities and multi-purpose rooms. The design of this fixture combines beam angle flexibility and a compact appearance. Choose from a variety of mounting options including center pendant, aircraft cable “Y” hangers, chain hangers, or surface ceiling mount brackets.

illumitex Vega High Bay LED Luminaire

The Illumitex architectural and landscape LED lights deliver perfect uniformity using our patented Aduro and Artavi LEDs. The product line includes: Corona CX, Proflex, Verona, Versa VS, Versa VM and Versa VL.

The Corona CX is an LED floodlight with a 330° rotation and slim design that can be used for a range of commercial and landscape projects. With a slim, round fixture design, it can be placed in any number of settings to provide a 50° horizontal beam angle.

illumitex Corona CX Linear LED Floodlight

The Proflex LED light is specialized for architectural applications and equipped with Illumitex’s patented optics, offering more light to the target area. The Proflex is IP66-rated and also included on the DLC qualified products list. Customize your light by choosing from a variety of colors, temperatures, configurations, sizes, and finishes.

illumitex ProFlex Architectural LED Floodlight Luminaires

The Verona LED wall sconce series includes a clean, subtle design with multiple color, output and distribution options available. The Verona includes optically engineered precision beam Atarvi™ (10° beam angle) and Aduro™ (50° beam angle) LEDs. This architectural light is perfect for interior and exterior entrances, accent needs, hallways and stairwells.

illumitex Verona Architectural LED Wall Sconce Luminaires

The Versa VS LED luminaire is a detail accent architectural fixture used for landscape, ornamental trees, statues, signage, flag lights, columns, etc. Equipped with our Aduro™ or Artavi™ LEDs, the fixture delivers the perfect amount of light to the desired area.

illumitex Versa VS Machined LED Accent Luminaire

The Versa VM LED luminaire is our most versatile architectural accent fixture, offering 36 possible configurations.

illumitex Versa VM Machined LED Accent Luminaire

The Versa VL LED luminaire is one of our strongest architectural fixtures, outfitted with up to 28 watts of power. Due to its light strength, the VL is perfect for tall ornamental trees, statues and more. Choose from warm, neutral and cool white LED color temperatures and your choice of two different beam angles.

illumitex Versa VL Machined LED Accent Luminaire

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