Illumitex Releases White Paper on Payback Period for LED’s vs. HPS

Press Release

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Austin, Texas – May 6, 2016 – Illumitex has released a white paper titled, “A Short Payback Period for Illumitex LED’s vs. 1,000 W HPS.”

The white paper, written by Rebecca Knight, PhD, includes steps for calculating the return on investment across different parameters including the total cost of ownership of two Illumitex LED systems compared to a 1,000 W HPS system. Payback periods of 1.5 years for the Power Harvest and 1.9 for the Neosol DS were determined. These results were based on a photoperiod of 10 hours per day and $0.11/kWh rate.  Graphs are included in the study showing the effects due to different electricity costs and daily usage. View the charts presenting the total cost of ownership for the lifetime of the LED system at the end of the paper.

View the white paper:

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