Illumitex Lights up LEDucation in NYC

Illumitex’s very own Eric Helwig attended the LEDucation show in New York City, New York. Following his trip, Helwig had this to say about the show and his experiences there:

“The LEDucation Show, which just took place on March 29-30, was quite an experience.

I have done my fair share of lighting shows in the past, but this one was definitely different.  In the past, other shows have sessions throughout each day with different speakers discussing a variance of topics in the lighting industry.  During these sessions, the traffic flow through the exhibit hall generally tends almost come to a halt.  This show, however, did not follow this general dynamic.  The traffic for both days of the event was nonstop.  Very exciting to say the least!

While we only showcased our Commercial and Industrial products, mainly catering to the specifier market, there was also a great interest in our CEA offerings as well.

It was fun to educate and wow people with both our technology and our expertise.  This allowed me to really drive the point home that we offer a true “solution sell”, and not just trying to sell someone a fixture.  I had specifiers, engineers, lighting designers, manufacturers, suppliers, people who were interested in lighting for their home gardens, people who knew other people that were converting a greenhouse or starting a rooftop garden, etc.  It was quite a mix of people flowing through the exhibit hall.

After 20 hours of show time over 2 days, it was definitely exhausting.  However, the leads generated and the contacts that were made truly made this a great show.”

Eric Helwig, Regional VP of Commercial lighting – Eastern US