Illumitex and Indoor Harvest Announce Worldwide Partnership For Indoor Growing Systems

Illumitex designs and builds made-in-the-USA LED light fixtures for controlled environment agriculture, offering energy-efficient lighting specifically tuned to the photosynthetic and photomorphogenic needs of plants.

Houston based Indoor Harvest is a design-build and engineering firm with patent-pending modular framing, integrated HVAC systems and high pressure aeroponics fixtures for use in urban controlled environment agriculture and building-integrated agriculture.

Indoor Harvest produces a Vertical Farm Racking System as well as a Modular Aeroponic System, both of which utilize Illumitex Eclipse LED grow lights. The Eclipse is available in a number of Illumitex’s custom spectra, each developed to elicit specific plant responses. The Eclipse series was designed specifically for vertical farming applications, and is the ideal fit for Indoor Harvest’s multi-layer grow systems.

“Upon evaluating several LED offerings during our research and development, we found the Illumitex LEDs provided better light intensity and even canopy coverage over other brands,” said Indoor Harvest CEO Chad Sykes. “We also found the Illumitex lights were considerably less expensive to install and integrate into our designs.”

Using Illumitex LED grow lights, Indoor Harvest is currently working with the city of Pasadena, Texas, on developing a Community Located Agriculture Research campus, as well as with Canopy Growth, the leading producer of medical marijuana in Canada, and on numerous other projects.
“We’re thrilled to be working with Chad and his team. Indoor Harvest has brought together the best of the best in terms of indoor growing technology, and we’re honored to be included in their systems,” said Paul Hardej, Illumitex VP of Hortitecture Lighting Solutions.

Indoor Harvest appreciates Illumitex technology not only for its superior plant-growth capabilities, but also for its ease of use. “When you’re building a large vertical farm, there can be thousands of LED fixtures and the labor to install those fixtures can add up quickly. The Illumitex lights were obviously designed with ease of installation in mind,” said Sykes. “Also, the Illumitex fixtures are IP66 rated and will meet or exceed most code requirements, making them our go-to fixture for design-build projects.”