Experts from Illumitex to Speak at UA-CEAC Workshop

The University of Arizona will be holding their 2016 Greenhouse Crop Production and Engineering Design Short Course March 20 – 25 at the Westward Look Resort in Tucson, Arizona.

Illumitex will be proudly contributing to the list of prestigious speakers this year. Representing our company will be our Direct of Research and Development, Dr. Rebecca Knight, and our Horticulture Sales Manager of Vertical Farming/Turn-Key Solutions, Paul Hardej.

“I am very excited about the fact that University of Arizona CEA department recognizes the importance of the ever growing Urban Farming industry,” said Paul Hardej. “During the 2016 CEAC Conference, I will have a chance to share my experiences with the benefits and challenges in developing successful Urban Farm with the audience. “

The on-site course also includes an exhibitor room where discussions can be held with industry experts about their projects, as well as multiple industry presentations. Participants can expect to learn the in’s and out’s on a variety of topics from building their own ag startup company to basic introductions to growing plants indoors.

“The CEAC workshops are world-renowned,” said Dr. Rebecca Knight. “To be able to participate and teach on something I love [LEDs in horticulture], it’s a huge honor for me.”

As a new addition to the 2016 course, there will also be specific half-day sessions on “Indoor Growing” and “Lighting for Growing Crops in CEA.”

“Historically, the University of Arizona short course on CEA has been focused around greenhouse food production,” said Hardej. “As we all see, more and more greenhouses or indoor farms are being developed around city centers. The university leaders recognized the importance and potential of Urban Farming by invited me to present there.”

Sunday, March 20th is course registration and Welcome Reception. March 21 – 23 features 3 full days of in class lectures on a variety of topics. March 24th is hands-on workshop day where participants will leave the classroom setting for a day of workshops and tours on the CEAC campus, ending with an optional commercial greenhouse tour on March 25th.

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