Case Study: Sheraton Resort Pool Illuminated by LED Floodlights

Families are attracted to Sheraton Broadway Plantation Resort Villas in Myrtle Beach for its access to South Carolina’s famous beaches, where swimming and fishing make for a fun and relaxing adventure. Guests also enjoy the resort’s tennis and basketball facilities, as well as the resort’s pool area, which features a pirate-themed water adventure area for children.

Recently, however, it became clear to hotel management that the pool area was in desperate need of new lighting. The old-technology 400W metal halide fixtures had fallen victim to the humid coastal environment — they were rusting at the base.

Management called in Starwood Facilities Senior Project Manager Bill Brenneman, who, after assessing the problem, knew he wanted to go with LEDs. “Energy consumption is much lower with LED lights,” he says. “And LED lights last much longer than metal halide or high-pressure sodium or fluorescent lights. I really appreciate the longevity we get from LED lights.”

Brenneman also was attracted to LEDs because of the incentives offered by local power companies to businesses that install the energy-saving lights.

Brenneman had worked with other LED manufacturers but was impressed when an engineer brought Illumitex to his attention. “He had used the Illumitex ProFlex fixture on a couple other jobs and he recommended them for this project,” says Brenneman. “He told me ‘This is going to do a better job for you,’ ” Brenneman says, “and he was right. We’re very pleased with ProFlex.”

The resort installed 19 ProFlex 28 fixtures at the pool area. The fixtures’ IP66 rating means they’re highly resistant to humidity, a necessary feature for a beachside environment. “I know we’re going to appreciate the longevity we see from these fixtures,” Brenneman says. “Another thing that I like is the 5-year warranty.” (All Illumitex fixtures come with a standard 5-year warranty.)

Brenneman and team are so impressed with the ProFlex lights that they have plans to use them to illuminate the resort’s lazy river area in an upcoming project.

Tom Ballew of Ripple Associates was Illumitex’s rep on the poolside re-light.