Increase terpene content. Achieve PAR. Save big.

Keep your plants safe while meeting their lighting needs.

Designed by Scientists. Brought to Life by Engineers.


The NeoPAR redefines the relationship between lighting science and the science of growing. This fixture arrives fully assembled, making installation a breeze. When combined with our latest X6 spectrum, this fixture offers unmatched flexibility by combining an ultra-thin profile with maximum efficiency and a new way to achieve PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) which maximizes results.


Illumitex is proud to be partnered with, the leader in cannabis lighting consulting for efficiency and maximum rebate opportunity. Their expertise on rebates allows you to buy cutting-edge LED grow lights at an affordable rate. Learn how it works, then give them a call to schedule your free consultation.

How it works: lighting specialists work with each grower to determine their needs, then formulates that info into a lighting design that both works for their application and gets the maximum rebate allowed by the power company. buys the energy efficient light you want at full price, then works with your local power company to maximize the rebates that they offer to commercial customers. After a rebate/grant is established by the power company, sells the light to you at the rebated price and waits for the rebate/grant money to be issued by the power company.

It may sound too good to be true, but it is a practice that has successfully performed for over 3 years. In several cases, has been able to get top-notch LED fixtures to its customers at $150 per light after rebate/grant. also offers free estimates with no risk to its customers.

The Benefits of LED for Cannabis

Kick the bad reputation cannabis cultivators have gotten to the curb by introducing affordable, energy efficient LEDs.

  • LEDs have been significantly reduced in purchase price and save thousands of dollars in operating costs each year of use
  • LEDs can be placed closer to the plants, leaving more room for expansion in your operation
  • LEDs lower water and energy consumption rates and contain no harmful elements, leaving them safe to dispose of

To learn more about the benefits of LEDs for Cannabis, download our free eBook now.

Horticulture Products

I love my lights. I've seen huge power savings as well as increased yields, a lower nutrient cost, and increased terpene profiles.

John Jensen John Jensen Genetics

I purchased the NeoSOL DS around 2015 directly from Illumitex and I must say my yields and quality are superb. The light, I believe, is still years ahead of its time. I bought another light system last year thinking I was upgrading and that was a huge mistake. It doesn’t compare with the Illumitex light and is back in the box. Thank you for creating awesome lights!

Paul Lewis Master Grower

I have all smiles in my flower room with Illumitex lighting. Our team has been rocking these lights for a while now and we've had some really great results. And on top of that, the staff is as great as their lights!