Beyond the fact that our revolutionary LED lighting systems are designed specifically to provide high levels of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR), which is ideal for cannabis cultivation, we also are focused on ensuring we have a light designed for every step of the way. Between cloning, vegetation, and flowering, we have a solution to keep you covered.

Featured Partner

Illumitex is proud to be partnered with, the leader in cannabis lighting consulting for efficiency and maximum rebate opportunity. Their expertise on rebates allows you to buy cutting-edge LED grow lights at an affordable rate. Learn how it works, then give them a call to schedule your free consultation.

How it works: lighting specialists work with each grower to determine their needs, then formulates that info into a lighting design that both works for their application and gets the maximum rebate allowed by the power company. buys the energy efficient light you want at full price, then works with your local power company to maximize the rebates that they offer to commercial customers. After a rebate/grant is established by the power company, sells the light to you at the rebated price and waits for the rebate/grant money to be issued by the power company.

It may sound too good to be true, but it is a practice that has successfully performed for over 3 years. In several cases, has been able to get top-notch LED fixtures to its customers at $150 per light after rebate/grant. also offers free estimates with no risk to its customers.

Benefits of LED

LEDs are lighting of the future. Stop using your antiquated HID lights and make the switch.

Reduce Energy

Slash your energy costs by using a manipulated LED that uses less energy to run and remain cool.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Traditional HID sources contain mercury, lead, and other dangerous elements. LEDs are free of these elements and safe for the environment.

Meet Your Plants' Needs

Your plant has different needs depending on what stage of growth it's in. Meet all of those needs with various lights and dynamic spectra.

Stay Cool

LEDs require less expensive cooling and produce less heat which in turn breeds a healthier plant with mitigated burning opportunities.

Multiple Spectra

It's been proven that plants grow best when under a light that closely mimics the sun's broad spectrum. LEDs accomplish just that and are offered in a wide variety based on the different stages of growth.

Stay Safe

Growing cannabis indoors under LEDs provides the plant a safe space to grow and be protected from natural disasters such as fire or heavy rainfall.

Work Comfortably

LEDs not only provide a safe space for the plants but also for the workers who are farming under the conditions of the lights.

Produce Quicker

Cannabis cultivators have noticed an increase in their plant's growth cycle when grown under LED lights.

Why Choose Us?

Let’s face it. You have options when it comes to choosing an LED manufacturer for your grow lights. So why should you choose Illumitex?

Not only does Illumitex have a trusted team of horticulture scientists and engineers, but we also invest heavily in the innovation of these products. A partnership with Illumitex means endless education opportunities and the opportunity to beta test new technologies. As Digital Horticulture is set to be released by Illumitex, we’re confident that our solutions will work most efficiently when used in tandem with our lighting sources.

Illumitex values our consumers and sees each operation as a partner, not a customer.


“Where other people were focusing on marketing and branding and being in magazines, Illumitex was hiring PHDs and helping us get up and running.”Steve Cantwell, Greenlife Owner and Master Grower
“We tried many other lighting manufactures and finally decided on Illumitex based on their proven results.”Chris Filling, Del Val University Greenhouse Manager
“Illumitex LED lights are at a different level. We set out to grow very high-qualified cannabis with minimum environmental impact and we’re doing that. Our electricity use is one-third what it would be using HID lighting, and we don’t have to have expensive, [inefficient] cooling systems. We’re proud of our small carbon footprint.”Patrick Rooney, Vashon Velvet Master Grower

You’ve Got Options

Different lights yield different results for different stages. Check ’em out.



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