Since 2005, Illumitex has led the horticulture lighting industry with a perfect balance of horticulture scientific know-how and innovative design. Just like the careful balance each of our growers take in developing the perfect recipe, Illumitex scientists and engineers work closely together to find the right solution for a variety of growing environments. We have a passion for horticulture lighting and will continue to lead the development of products that will influence plant benefits including yield, taste, color and smell.Lighting, very often, is the single most expensive and critical part of a successful Controlled Agriculture Environment (CEA). It is our goal to understand this symbiotic relationship between light, air, water, and soil with each customer we serve. Our specialized team will work with growers to assist in creating that optimal result and to make sure we provide top-tier service.



At Illumitex, we design LED lighting systems and digital horticulture solutions for CEA operations. Based on scientific research on PPF, PPFD, PAR, spectra, lumens, and heat, we are able to innovate best-of-breed technologies for our consumers. Our product line conserves energy spending through cutting-edge technology. Our team consists of horticultural professionals including: design experts, engineers, experienced growers, and plant scientists all working directly with customers to deliver world class horticulture solutions.




Jeff Bisberg

Jeff holds a Master's in Materials Science and Engineering from Northwestern University. He came to Illumitex after driving his former company, Albeo, to record success after the GE acquisition. Jeff has nearly thirty years of experience in delivering high-value solid-state products in LED and digital markets.

John Spencer

Vice President of Sales and Marketing
John holds a Masters of Education from the University of Oklahoma and is a seasoned leader in the revolutionizing LED lighting growth. John has been a pioneer in driving adoption of digital in many segments, coming to Illumitex from companies such as Cree, Hubbell Lighting, GE Lighting, and IDEAL Industries.


Yan Ren-Butcher, PhD

Director of Horticulture Science
Yan earned her Ph.D. from Texas A&M University. She has over 10 years of LED lighting experience including Phillips, Hubbell, College of the Sequoias as an Adjunct Faculty and establishing research collaborations Clemson University.

Veronica Hoyos Leonard

Horticulture Sales Scientist
Veronica earned her masters at Technology of Monterrey and has over 20 years of experience working with and as a grower to increase profitability through sound technology decisions.

Rosalie Kelley

Master In-house Grower
Rosalie earned her masters at Texas State University and has over 5 years of experience working as a grower and educator conducting several research projects and teaching at various levels.

Mark McDevitt

Horticulture Sales Scientist
Mark holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Horticulture, with emphasis in commercial crop production and controlled environmental agriculture and has almost 10 years experience growing and consulting on the switch to LED lighting technology.

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