illumitex is an industry-leading manufacturer of precision LEDs and LED luminaires

illumitex has radically transformed traditional LED design with the creation of LED  lighting that emits a uniform, highly precise beam directly from the source.  With die-level optical integration, cumbersome and inefficient secondary optics to control light are unnecessary, opening the world to more versatile—and energy efficient—lighting applications than ever before imagined.

Founded in 2005 in Austin, Texas, by semiconductor and optics industry veterans, illumitex’s industry-shifting achievements began with a fresh approach to traditional LED design. By refusing to settle for the losses associated with secondary optics, illumitex engineers utilized fundamental physics principles to maximize light extraction from the source. By extracting and directing photons at the die level, Illumitex delivers more usable light to the intended target while consuming less energy. All of this is achieved in the smallest form factor available on the market. With this innovative design shift, illumitex promises to lead the LED lighting industry into a new realm of possibilities.

White-light applications of Illumitex’s products include warehouses, offices, commercial landscapes, cold storage, food processing, grocery display and building exteriors. Horticultural lighting applications include grow lights for large growers, indoor gardens, vertical farms, greenhouses, grow containers and green walls.

For the general lighting industry, illumitex technology enables the development of smaller and more efficient lighting solutions that improve quality of light—and life—wherever LEDs are used. For architectural lighting designers, illumitex LEDs inspire creativity with the ability to “paint with light” by delivering perfectly uniform color blending precisely to the intended target. For the horticulture industry, Illumitex LED lights deliver custom-spectra photons directly and uniformly on plants, allowing growers to produce plants in less time and with less energy.

Board of Directors

Jeff Bisberg – Chairman & CEO, illumitex

Jimmy Treybig – Venture Partner, NEA

Tom Foody – NEA

Greg Bohlen – Partner, Union Grove Venture Partners

Armando Pauker – General Partner, Apex Venture Partners

Dan Watkins, PhD – Managing Director, DFJ Mercury

Gregory Oberholtzer – Senior Managing Director, WP Global Partners

Ed Zysik – Partner, Mousse Partners