Who We Are

Since 2005, Illumitex has been on a mission to light the future for growers with.

Founded in 2005 in Austin, Texas, Illumitex works diligently to create industry-shifting achievements in horticultural lighting and LED lights. Our team of horticulture scientist and engineers have radically transformed LED lighting that influences plant benefits including yield, taste, color, and smell.  Illumitex is enthusiastically committed to scientific research, cutting-edge design, and innovative engineering.  We are dedicated to working with our customer to deliver world-class horticulture solutions while pushing lighting into the digital age with automated tools and services.

Every Plant. Every Moment. 

Digital horticulture is the next wave of transformational value that leverages the intimate relationship between lights and plants, observed by digital technology, to drive new outcomes for our customers. We will continue to break the boundaries of the traditional lighting paradigm to capture visual information on every plant at every moment to provide actionable data that makes a positive impact on your grow.

Illumitex is developing a unique digital scouting platform with high-resolution imaging technology that integrates into any company’s sensor and software system so the data from the grow environment can be correlated and cross-referenced to the plant images. The system can detect plant issues like chlorosis, necrosis, and other deficiencies, as well as plant pathogens, notifying the grower to investigate further. We have been beta testing this technology across multiple facilities over the last eight months and have been developing specific algorithms and applications around the data. This technology will help growers benefit from the already existing intimacy between lights and plants. While we first want to develop a system that allows a grower to not only capture data but also to digest it into relevant information, plans to expand the technology directly into the lights are in the making.

Our Process

  • Idea

    All new LED lights have to start with a need in the market that sparks an idea for efficiency and innovation. Our goal is to always be one step ahead of growers and operators.

  • Plan

    After we have the idea, we need a plan to put the idea into place. This is the time that our engineers and scientists collaborate on technology, design, and expectations.

  • Design

    Design is what makes the difference between good and great. Our engineers push the boundaries of design with forward-thinking and their many years of experience.

  • Deliver

    Once a product is ready to hit the market, it's time to deliver. After 48 hours of quality assurance testing and burning, our lights are ready to shine in your operation.

Leadership Team


Jeff Bisberg

Chief Executive Officer

John Spencer

Senior Vice President

Most Popular Products

  • PowerHarvest14

  • Ideal for greenhouse and indoor grow operations
  • Now offers 30% more output, 30% higher efficiency and up to 2.2 umol/J
  • LED toplighting solution
  • Eclipse

  • Designed for vertical farms
  • Easily daisy chained in rows of up to 15 fixtures (22 for low watt option)
  • Creates light uniformity with a slim design
  • NeoSol

  • Popular for cannabis cultivation
  • Suitable for propagation, vegetative growth, and flowering in plants
  • Gives the average grower over 50% energy savings
  • Stratus

  • Commercial & Industrial fan favorite
  • Delivers lumens and CBCP values with style
  • Available in multiple shapes, sizes, and lumen packages

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