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Providing cutting-edge, affordable technology and unmatched support for any grow operation.
Providing cutting-edge, affordable technology and unmatched support for any grow operation.

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The big thing for me was getting rid of our [HPS] lights. Illumitex built for us the scaffolding to apply the lights on, and our team figured out a way to hang them. Between Illumitex giving us a great system and our team manipulating the space, we ended up with a great solution.

Jonathan Cummings Biology Professor, West Virginia University

I purchased the NeoSOL DS around 2015 directly from Illumitex and I must say my yields and quality are superb. The light, I believe, is still years ahead of its time. I bought another light system last year thinking I was upgrading and that was a huge mistake. It doesn’t compare with the Illumitex light and is back in the box. Thank you for creating awesome lights!

Paul Lewis Master Grower

The quality of the eclipse fixtures is apparent when you see them. They have a sturdy build material that can truly handle anything. The light emitted by these fixtures has also increased the foliage and quality of my product in a way that my customers have taken notice. I am truly happy with what I have received.

Evan McKay Green Gills

I've been using them for years, I was one of the first people to get the basic raw LED fixtures from a project teardown, they have been amazing. I have also purchased fixtures through them and have had amazing results, they save power, I use them for gardening and in my home. The best you can get.

Íslenska Landnámshænan Farm

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Digital horticulture is the next wave of transformational value that leverages the intimate relationship between lights and plants, observed by digital technology, to drive new outcomes for our customers.We will continue to break the boundaries of the traditional lighting paradigm to capture visual information on every plant at every moment to provide actionable data that makes a positive impact on your grow.