Illumitex Has A Solution for Every Environment, At Every Stage

Lighting is the most significant parameter for plant development and is a crucial aspect in designing an Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) system.  

It is the goal of Illumitex to understand this symbiotic relationship between light, air, water, and growing media with each client we serve. Our specialized team will work with growers to assist in creating the optimal result and to make sure we provide top tier service.  The highly experienced Illumitex team will create detailed photometrics that optimize the lighting application to reduce the total cost of ownership, and maximize production and quality of crops produced.

We work with clients to provide an optimized solution that focus on key metrics with a high level of accuracy which include:

Daily Light Integral (DLI)

The specifications for lighting in horticulture applications have increased in both sophistication and in efficiency requirements over the years.  This has been due to a better understanding of the interaction of photons and plants as well as innovation in lighting technology and design.   Each CEA system needs the right technology As the leading Horticulutural LED lighting company, Illumitex’s 10 years of knowledge delivers the worlds best solution and technology for any horticultural application.